A favorite haunt for savvy locals and refined travelers alike, the Postcard boasts diverse options for dining and cocktails. Chef John Doe presents a menu of luxury comfort fare and innovative creations. Whatever your delight, the highest standards are our standards at Postcard.

A Truly Memorable Dining Experience

Only best meal, cooked by the professionals. Visiting our hotel, don’t forget about breakfast. We have an incredible variety of dishes.

Try fresh meal from our menu, cooked by the professional chef from France. But don’t worry! If you want to try something from another part of Europe, Asia and more, Julien can do it. He has an amazing experience, cooking many years in different restaurants all over the world.

The Perfect Menu

There are more than 100 names on our menu. It is definitely made for people with patience, but believe it or not, it is worth it.

From a bunch of simple ingredients, we can create for you a masterpiece! We guarantee that our staff in the kitchen has enough inspiration to feed you healthy and tasty meal 365 days a year. Thanks to the experience of our experts and their creativity, you have an opportunity to read our truly amazing menu.



Unique Signature Dishes

Resortex’s menu is a continually evolving repertoire; some classics, some reworking of old favourites plus new dishes for each season.